Loosey Goosey Vol III


Loosey Goosey is a full-color artist publication featuring the work of various artists from around the country. Each aspiring artist carries their own unique style and story. You never know who you'll discover. 

  • 7.5" x 10"
  • Full Color
  • Matte w/ Gloss Cover
  • 100+ pages


"What is art?"

It can be discouraging being an artist. With the world always reminding you how hard it is to make it. How you are just like all the others trying to follow their passion and only wasting time. We are encouraged to take our imagination and to put it in the box on the shelf, because ‘as adults we don’t have time for that.’ Too many dreams have been smothered before they ever had a chance to become a reality, which is why we are here to give you a pep talk. Because we believe that there is nothing more that our culture so desperately needs right now than artists. We’re experiencing some tough times, but who hasn’t? What we’ll be rembered for, as a generation, is how we dealt with the problems we face today. It's not too late to fix our mistakes, we just need to wake up. We need art and to remind us that there are still things in life worth fighting for. We need artist to help bridge that gap between cultures and remind us that we’re all brothers and sisters in it together. It’s the artists that keeps our cultures thriving and it is the artists that can inspire us to make a difference. So next time somebody tells you that making art is a waste of time, look them in the eye and tell them to get loose.  - LG


Christine Ilewski

Lindsey Schifko

Addie Becker

Mikey Anderson

Cory Sever

Whitney Travis

Jessilyn Park

Ash Thompson

Eric Bird

Kriss Stress

Laura English

Chas Appleby

Mary Tumulty

Lauren Meyer

Valerie Gianni

Eleanor Bennett

Jake Saunders

Sierra Beckwith

Alex Saunders

Alicia Banaszewski

John Dandridge

Kyle Lamble

Tali Zrihen

Christopher Perkins-Cook

Amy Taylor

Martha Wade

Lindsey Meyers

Dan Engelke

Tom Kyzivat

Joshua Goor

Andrew Jarvis

Kathleen Boudwin

China Thomas

Cody Hale

Andy DelaRosa

Mindy Ho

Jessica Yocherer

Joseph Crawford

Mike Sutton

Jesse Lankford

Loosey Goosey Vol III

Volume III is our most comprehensive project yet.

With talented artists, writers, and poets from across America, this is one your living room is begging for. Volume III features the work of Portland-based illustrator, Eric Bird. The wacky young aritst shares his inspirations and talks about post-college life in the art world. Showcasing the work of over 70 artists; we take a look into the mind of a small gallery owner based out of Chicago and an art historian explores the use of Arabic in contemporary African art.

Loosey Goosey Vol II

Loosey Goosey returns with a new edition of unique rising artists.

Volume II reaches further than ever before, including artists from America and Europe, featuring an interview with Seattle native illustrator, Kathleen Boudwin. This talented young lady discusses following her dream and the sudden reaction to her quicky creations. Volume II also features an interview with Chicago-native street artist, Don't Fret, chatting about his roots and leaving his mark on the city he loves.

Loosey Goosey Vol I

Loosey Goosey is our doorway for up and coming artists to break into the art world.

In our first edition we present fresh art that you may have been missing out on. Showcasing the work of artists from around the country, Loosey Goosey features a chat with local street artist, Patt Knerr, about his drive, inspirations, and process. We take a look inside the goals of the notorious internet group, ANONYMOUS, and this issue includes a beer review by Detroit-based brewer, Dave Rumpl.