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Loosey Goosey's art publication is here to get your hidden gems out from under the bed and out into the world.


We all know art is hard and breaking into the art world can be even harder.

Loosey Goosey is here to make it easier. We produce a full-color artist publication featuring new up and coming artists. Loosey Goosey is a gallery in your hands, made by artists for artists.

So here's lookin' at you, kids. Authors and poets, photographers, illustrators and painters. Nothing compares to that feeling of finally finishing a project you refer to as your 'baby'.



Once you're chosen the work you wish to submit, let us do the rest.

Artists are given full credit for their work and all submissions are free. Since submissions are digital, you’re able to keep your original piece. We then curate the inside, mixing and matching artists so everyone is promised a fresh set of eyes.


The end result is a beautifully crafted artist publication featuring up and coming artists.

They say print is dead, but holding your work in your hands feels a lot better than just looking at it on screen. Unlike social outlets, where work is judged by likes and lost in the feed, your art is given a home where it can be admired.

Loosey Goosey Art Magazine Illustration

Since the publication is printed in limited editions, it can only be found on our website, our art shows, and at select vendors. You can find a full list of vendors here.

Featured Artist

Each issue highlights a new featured artist giving the readers insights into their habits and goals. The artist is then given the opportunity to create their own rendition of our cover.


We print on high quality paper, without advertisements that may distract from the art, out of Shepherdsville, Kentucky. We think it’s important to help local business here in the good ol’ USA, rather than saving a buck.


Loosey Goosey Vol III

Volume III is our most comprehensive project yet.

With talented artists, writers, and poets from across America, this is one your living room is begging for. Volume III features the work of Portland-based illustrator, Eric Bird. The wacky young aritst shares his inspirations and talks about post-college life in the art world. Showcasing the work of over 70 artists; we take a look into the mind of a small gallery owner based out of Chicago and an art historian explores the use of Arabic in contemporary African art.

Loosey Goosey Vol II

Loosey Goosey returns with a new edition of unique rising artists.

Volume II reaches further than ever before, including artists from America and Europe, featuring an interview with Seattle native illustrator, Kathleen Boudwin. This talented young lady discusses following her dream and the sudden reaction to her quicky creations. Volume II also features an interview with Chicago-native street artist, Don't Fret, chatting about his roots and leaving his mark on the city he loves.

Loosey Goosey Vol I

Loosey Goosey is our doorway for up and coming artists to break into the art world.

In our first edition we present fresh art that you may have been missing out on. Showcasing the work of artists from around the country, Loosey Goosey features a chat with local street artist, Patt Knerr, about his drive, inspirations, and process. We take a look inside the goals of the notorious internet group, ANONYMOUS, and this issue includes a beer review by Detroit-based brewer, Dave Rumpl.